Who is the 'House MD to Follow' at Nursing Facilities?

The Special Forum, "Who is the 'House MD to Follow' at Nursing Facilities?" was held on August 31 at Snowbird Resort, immediately following the day's program at the Rocky Mountain Geriatrics Conference.
The forum was presided by Dr. Michael Galindo and was attended by individuals representing different disciplines in Nursing Home Care. Of note was the presence of Dr. Sarah Woolsey, the Medical Director for Health Insight a private, non-profit, community-based organization dedicated to improving health and health care.
Several issues were discussed:
1. The need for timely and usable communication such as discharge summaries between nursing homes and hospitals.
2. The need for more nursing home providers with adequate training to provide quality nursing home care
3. The need for continued discussion about issues related to nursing home care that answers the call toward our present national mandate to provide value based medical care.
Dr. Galindo is proposing a twice monthly meeting to continue the discussion. We will keep all interested parties posted on future activities.