Utah Health Care Worfkorce Financial Assistance Program

As promised, I am sending you more information about the committee on which I serve.  The name of the program we discussed is: Health Care Workforce Financial Assistance Program. It was started to address the shortage of rural health care professionals. As I mentioned, the Geriatric Workforce law (and the one for nurse educaters) hitched up with it for appropriations. The position that will be open in the fall of 2019 is on the Advisory Committee, and the position I fill is the one needed from a geriatric professional organization. As I review my letter of appointment to the committee, I am reminded that Butch Abueg nominated me as the president of UGS. Also, the letter came from the Utah Department of Health, Executive Director, Joseph K Miner (not the Governor). Don Wood MD, is the director of the Office of Primary Care and Rural Health. Applicants and sites usually send questions and inquiries to his office.  I see from the website that there is another application cycle opening up on June 1st and they have not posted the closing date yet. Applicants must have a site application submitted from their employer. The rules for site and applicant eligibility are also found on the website.   Here is the link to the application website: http://health.utah.gov/primarycare/?p=prgWf If you know anyone who qualifies, please have them submit an application. They cannot have worked at the site for more than 18 months.  Miriam Beattie, DNP, GNP, ANP, APRNGerontological Nurse Practitioner – Board CertifiedElder Life Nurse SpecialistHospital Elder Life Program (HELP) Division of Geriatrics30 North 1900 East, AB193 SOMSalt Lake City, UT 84132-0001O: 801-587-9103F: 801-585-3884