2018 Annual AGS Meeting

The 2018 UGS Annual Fall Meeting was held November 14 at the Health Insight Board Room. Dr. Richard Lassere from IHC  was the guest speaker and talked about his Geriatric Clinic's Multidisciplinary Model. Kate Nederostek of the Utah Alzheimers Association showed us the services that they offer. Julie Preston briefed us on Health Insight's current activities. Finally, this years Geriatric Advocate of the Year Award went to two deserving awardees in Representative Rebecca Chavez -Houck and Dr. Stephen Fehlauer. Dr. Richard Lassere has been nominated to the position of Vice President/President elect. The food was sponsored by the AMG group providing home based primary care to over 1000 patients in Utah. The event was attended by a good cross section of individuals from different organizations and fields working to help our older patients.