Who is the 'House MD to Follow' at Nursing Facilities?-Summary

Good morning all,

Thank you again for taking the time to come together last week to discuss how we can cooperate on improving SNF medical care. Our first meeting showed a lot of energy, and I think we accomplished a lot!

Who is the 'House MD to Follow' at Nursing Facilities?

The Special Forum, "Who is the 'House MD to Follow' at Nursing Facilities?" was held on August 31 at Snowbird Resort, immediately following the day's program at the Rocky Mountain Geriatrics Conference.
The forum was presided by Dr. Michael Galindo and was attended by individuals representing different disciplines in Nursing Home Care. Of note was the presence of Dr. Sarah Woolsey, the Medical Director for Health Insight a private, non-profit, community-based organization dedicated to improving health and health care.

Mid Year UGS Review

It is the middle of the year and I find it useful to review our status and performance so far.
At the beginning of the year, we had a strategic meeting to lay out our goals and plans,

Utah Million Hearts Workshop

To our UGS Members,

Health Insight an Quality Improvement Organization here in Utah is holding a Hypertension Seminar on June 17. Please let me know if you are interested. I am passing along to you the message I got from Sarah Woolsey. End of Registration is on May 29. I think they have provided one spot for us.

Butch Abueg


Thoughts on the 2015 Annual AGS Meeting

I believe that conferences are only as useful as to the extent that you can put what you have learned into practice. This year's conference was shorter in terms of the number for days and yet there were a few aspects of the conference that made me feel I got my money's worth. The one thing that impressed me the most was the the Public Policy Lecture which was conducted by decision makers who work within Medicare, two of whom were Geriatricians.

Pain Management in the Older Patient

The Pain Management Lecture was held at the St. Marks Lamb Auditorium on March 25,2015. Thanks to everyone who attended, to Dr. David Byrd and Dr. Richard Glines from the Utah Pain Clinic who gave an informative lecture, to Holiday Retirement who provided the food. You can download a copy of Dr. Abueg's power point slides under the home page.

UGS Strategic Meeting January 6,2015

The January 2015 Stategic Planning Meeting was just held at the Large Conference Room at the Division of Geriatrics. Present were the UGS Board Members as well as Erika Noonan, Michael Galindo and Meg Skibitsky who will be heading the Membership Committee. A copy of the minutes of the meeting is available under the home page.

Why do we need UGS?

I want to thank you all for joining us today. I appreciate your interest in improving the care of our elderly patients and the promotion of Geriatrics.

First of all I want to thank our outgoing president Mimi Beattie and her unselfish efforts in making possible our productive last two years.